Fastwater 16' Canoe by Paluski Canoe & Kayak

Fastwater 16' Canoe by Paluski Canoe & Kayak

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We are the only canoe-maker in the world with a limited lifetime warranty on our boats.

The Fastwater Canoe is based on the traditional "Prospector" hull design. The hull is wide and flat, but has a rocker which allows it to turn easily in choppy weather, fast-moving rivers or whitewater conditions. The sharp entry and exit lines mean that this boat will track straight both when carrying a heavy load of paddlers and gear, and for solo paddling. The Fastwater comes with a deluxe yoke for portaging.

Check out this short animation detailing what our boats look like when they come out of the oven!

Our laminated triple-layer polyethylene construction makes this hull resilient to both winter and summer highs and lows, and impervious to shoreline obstacles like rocks and fallen trees. The interior foam layer will keep your canoe afloat at the surface even if it fills completely with water.
LENGTH: 16 feet  |  WIDTH: 36 inches  |  CAPACITY: 800lbs  |  WEIGHT: 75lbs

Custom boats take a minimum of two weeks to produce, not including shipping times.