Arctic Hare Ski Package

Arctic Hare Ski Package

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For those young skiers ready to cross over to the fast-paced world of skate skiing, this package includes the versatile S-Race Junior skate ski, manual clip bindings, and cozy "Combi" boots that can be used for Classic as well as Skate skiing. 
The ARCTIC HARE Package includes
1 PR of S/RACE JR Skate Skis (Reg. $279.99)
1 PR of RS8 Skate Boots (Reg. $329.99)
1 PR of R30 Poles (Reg. $99.99)
1 PR of PILOT Bindings (Reg. $99.99)
Install & Hot Wax (Reg. $34.99)
Total Before Discount: $844.95