The Grey Wolf Package

The Grey Wolf Package

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Our entry-level backcountry package is designed for easy care and access,no matter if you're skiing on fields, frozen lakes, or forests. Suitable for skiers spending 60% of their time off-trail, 40% of their time on-trail. The low-maintenance fishscale Snowscape 7 provides nice loft. Includes sturdy aluminum poles, cozy boots,  and handfree bindings that you can attach

The GREY WOLF Package includes:

1 PR of RS8 Skate Skis (Reg. $329.99)

1 PR of RS8 Boots (Reg. $329.99)

1 PR of R30 Click Poles (Reg. $99.99)

1 PR of PILOT SKATE Bindings (Reg. $109.99)

Install & Hot Wax (Reg. $39.99)

Total Before Discount: $909.95