The Laderach Ski Package

The Laderach Ski Package

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Our best-selling skin ski package, this package includes our premium lightweight trail ski that'll pack some extra mileage into your next skiing adventure! This package also includes our lightweight composite poles, cozy boots, and handfree bindings that you can attach and detach with gloves on for those cold mornings up at Laderach Cabin at Kawartha Nordic!

The LADERACH Package includes

1 PR of AERO 7 SKIN Skis (Reg. $249.99)

1 PR of ESCAPE Boots (Reg. $149.99)

1 PR of ESCAPE or SIAM Poles (Reg. $39.99)

1 PR of PILOT Bindings (Reg. $99.99)

Install & Hot Wax (Reg. $34.99)

Total Before Discount: $574.95