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Rental Terms & Conditions

When booking a rental, all renters agree to the following terms and conditions of use:


Rental prices are based on calendar days, not 24-hour periods.

Rental periods expire at 9AM the calendar day following the last day of your booking. Rentals not returned by 9AM the following calendar day will be charged a full extra day, because our renters are often ready to pick up their equipment first thing in the morning.

We have no half-day or hourly rental rates. We have no wrap-around rates. It is the renter's responsibility to make note of our store hours, and to plan their trip accordingly. Reserved items picked up at the end of the day have been held for you since the beginning of the day, so there is no accommodation made for end-of-day pickups.

For certain rental items, rental equipment is included. Each canoe rental includes 2 PFDs, 2 Paddles, 1 Safety Kit, and 1 Car Top Kit. Each kayak rental includes 1 PFD, 1 Paddle, 1 Safety Kit, and 1 Car Top Kit. Each SUP rental includes 1 PFD, 1 Paddle, 1 Safety Kit, and 1 Car Top Kit. Included equipment is free with the rental price, and declining the included equipment does not affect our prices.

Additional equipment can be rented for a fee. Unless this additional equipment has been booked in advance, we reserve the right to refuse additional equipment requests based on availability.


Renters must give two full calendar days notice ahead of their booking to receive a full refund. Cancellations made after this cut-off date will not be refunded. Please note that Friday rentals must be cancelled no later than Tuesday at 11:59PM to comply with our cutoff. There are absolutely no exceptions.

Rental cancellations made outside of store hours must be made by email, as we do not have a telephone answering service. Cancellations cannot be made through our social media pages, or through the Paluski Boats factory line.

Renters assume responsibility for checking weather conditions and forecasts ahead of their trip. Our cancellation policy makes absolutely no allowances for changing weather conditions, regardless of the type of weather.

Damage Fees:

It is the renter's responsibility to return all rental items in the condition they were sent out in, given ordinary wear and tear. Damaged or missing rental items will be replaced or repaired at the renter's cost.

Common charges include:

Lost Safety Kit = $30

Lost Canoe Paddle = $50

Broken Skeg = $50

Broken Canoe Seat = $100

Chips & Dents in Kevlar Canoe = $250 per damaged area


Deliveries must be arranged in advance. Deliveries must involve mutually agreed upon time slots for delivery and pick-up of equipment, and must involve email confirmation. Deliveries not confirmed in advance cannot be guaranteed, and we reserve the right to refuse delivery requests made with less than 48 hours notice. The renter is responsible for travel time and traffic conditions.

IF YOU ARE TRAVELLING TO OUR AREA FROM TORONTO, ALLOW AT LEAST TWO HOURS FOR TRAVEL TIME! Add an additional hour if you're travelling on a Long Weekend, or on a Friday or Saturday between May and October! Trust us on this one. Traffic has increased in our area over the last few years. 

Renters must be present to meet the delivery vehicle at the pre-arranged time and location of pick-up and drop-off. Renters must wait with their rental equipment at the pick-up location until the delivery vehicle arrives. Rental equipment may not be left unattended at any time, as we cannot guarantee the safety of our equipment at public drop points. Items left unattended are the renter's responsibility.

Due to factors such as traffic and weather, we allow for a grace period of half an hour to elapse after the scheduled meeting time. Renters that are later than half an hour risk forfeiting their rental entirely, with no compensation. We will not jeopardize the plans of our other renters to accommodate for improperly planned travel times. Late arrivals may be subject to cancellation with no refund, or hefty late fees. If you are unsure about travel times, we strongly urge that you contact us ahead of time so we can help you with your arrangements.

Unconfirmed last minute requests made less than 48 hours before delivery may be cancelled with no notice if we are not able to fulfill the request. If your request falls within the 48 hours window, we urge you to call us to confirm that we have a driver available for your requested period.

Rental delivery rates are based on your total trip (pick-up and drop-off), and do not vary with quantity (up to 10 boats). Please note that there are no discounts for multiple boat rentals!

Rental delivery rates to park access points are fixed and non-negotiable. Rental delivery to other locations will be billed at $75/hour for the full time the vehicle is on the road between our location and the drop-off point, including the round trip for both the drop-off and the pick-up.

We reserve the right to refuse delivery requests if they exceed a reasonable distance, or fall during a time when the driver or truck is unavailable. Requests for deliveries outside of our regular hours of operation may be subject to additional fees.

Terms of Use:

Renters agree to return all boats and equipment to the drop-off location in the same condition as when they went out, excepting normal wear and tear. It is the renter's responsibility to make note of the equipment's condition when it goes out, and to bring concerns to our attention before we surrender equipment to the renter's care.

Any damage or loss of equipment will result in the renter being charged the full retail cost of that equipment (if it is lost / beyond repair), or the cost of repair. Equipment that is not returned, returned late without special arrangement, or returned in damaged condition, will be charged to the credit card on file without notice. Equipment not returned will be treated as stolen until we hear otherwise.

Renters bear full responsibility and assume all risk for equipment rented, and the transport of that equipment from the moment it leaves our care to the moment it returns to our care. In the case of rental deliveries, renters bear full responsibility and risk for equipment rented from the moment the items are unloaded to the moment they are reloaded onto our delivery vehicle.