Shipping Terms & Conditions

We're Committed To Getting Your Purchase To Your Doorway As Quickly As Possible!

However, please note that we are not on location seven days a week. When shipping services such as Canada Post indicate shipping times, they do not factor in or include the "drop-shipping" window, which is the time it takes us to package your item and get it to the mail. Typically we are able to send your package out the same day, but our policy reserves the right to delay two business days before shipping to allow for all eventualities.*

Drop-Shipping Windows & Holidays

The store is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays during the Winter months (from October to May), so orders received after store hours on Sunday will not be shipped until the following Wednesday at the earliest.

The store is closed on certain holidays throughout the year, so orders received after store hours on the Thursday before a holiday will not be shipped until the following non-holiday business day (when the Post Office is open). During the winter, this could potentially mean a delay of six days to make it to the mail (since the Post Office is sometimes closed on holiday Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays, and our store is periodically closed on Tuesdays)!

Oversized Items

Shipping rates apply only to products that meet Canada Post's maximum size and weight requirements. Certain items like skis, paddles and boats exceed the Canada Post size requirements, and require special shipping arrangements. For inquiries into shipping oversized items, please contact us at:

Cancelled Orders

Adventure Outfitters reserves the right to cancel any order that cannot be fulfilled. In this circumstance, a full refund will be issued to the customer for any item we are not able to fulfill, whether it is out of stock, mistakenly labelled, or unable to ship, with no penalty. We do not guarantee quantity or match prices, and we do not offer additional compensation for orders cancelled that cannot be fulfilled.