Shipping Terms & Conditions

**IMPORTANT** Please note: Canada Post's calculated rates do not include our mandatory dropshipping window of two business days. We understand that shipping windows are tight around the holidays, and we promise to try to get your packages to the post office as soon as possible, but please keep in mind that we are not open seven days a week, we are occasionally closed for events, and we do not have access to the post office seven days a week. Also please keep in mind that even large corporations like Amazon do not guarantee a faster turnaround time for packaging!

Shipping rates apply only to products that meet Canada Post's maximum size and weight requirements. Certain items like skis, paddles and boats may not be available to ship using conventional methods -- please contact us for special shipping arrangements for oversized items.

Orders received through Adventure Outfitters online store are placed under review before being approved -- payment is accepted only after an order has been approved. Before an order is approved and payment taken, we reserve the right to cancel an order under review at any time.

We also reserve the right to cancel any order that cannot be shipped as specified. Any items that cannot be shipped due to size will be refunded in full at no penalty to the customer.